Radient and Healthy

Luminosi-Tea is formulated to heal the skin from the inside out. Traditionally, these herbs are used to heal leaky gut syndrome and candidiasis, reduce bacteria and inflammation on the skin and accelerate the skin’s natural ability to heal. Best suited for people looking to manage acne, psoriasis and eczema.


Organic Ingredients:

Olive Leaves: Exhibit Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial properties in the body and on the skin. It is that effective that some people may experience headaches dur to the ‘killing off’ of bad bacteria in the gut. If this occurs we encourage people to increase the amount of filtered water consumed to enable the detoxification process to continue with ease. Additionally, Olive Leaves help with candidiasis and fungal build up.

Cleavers: Is amazing to encourage the natural process of eliminating toxins through lymphatic drainage. Often people with skin conditions are quite sluggish with the elimination of toxins; Cleavers is a fantastic herb to help with purifying and detoxifying the blood. Essentially you then allow the skin to heal naturally while reducing inflammation in the skin.

Nettle: Is known as the ‘Natural Skin Beautifier’.

An anti-inflammatory herb that nourishes the skin which has been shown to clear skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Calendula Flowers: Are great to moisturise dry and irritated skin. The flowers work to reduce inflammation and bacteria to encourage the skin’s natural ability to heal. Traditionally, herbalists use calendula flowers as they exhibit beneficial properties in the management of eczema and psoriasis.

Dandelion Leaves: Are fantastic in cleansing the liver, detoxifying the blood, reducing H. Pylori in the gut, reduce inflammation, improve immune health due to the presence of linoleic acid, rebuild collagen structures in the skin (making skin look more youthful), is high in anti-oxidants and is a fantastic source of Vitamin A. All these wonderful qualities really make dandelion a super herb which is makes it an essential component of Luminosi-tea.

Ginger Root: As you can see this formula is quite cold in nature which can impact the spleen qi. Often people with skin problems exhibit spleen qi deficiency so ensuring we protect the spleen qi, ginger root is added to warm the formulation as well as exhibiting its effect to heal Leaky Gut Syndrome and reduce bacteria in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract.


Contains 20 Organic Pyramid Tea Bags

Luminosi Tea