Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Have you ever heard of it? It's a beautiful, very gentle style of Japanese acupuncture. I recently completed a 4 day intensive seminar in this style down in Surry Hills, Sydney and I'm excited to start incorporating it into my treatments. The course was taught by the amazing Monika Kobylecka, who travelled all the way from the states to teach this course.

This is a great treatment style for people who are a little bit needle-phobic or prefer fewer needles during treatment. The pins used in this style of acupuncture are even finer that the regular ones I use (I know, hard to believe that the pins could get even finer!) and are often retained for a shorter period of time.

This style also relies on constant feedback from the body to ensure the right points are being selected for that person. That's where lots of abdominal palpation comes into the treatment. By using areas of the abdomen as a guide, the correct treatment can be selected for that person. Other areas often palpated to guide the treatment include the neck and feet.

A very tired me at the end of the 4 day intensive course

I really love Kiiko style acupuncture as I believe it opens up the world of oriental medicine to people who were previously a bit worried about the needling aspect.

I am now able to add this type of acupuncture into any of my treatments or it can be done as a stand alone treatment.

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