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Nutritional medicine addresses both nutritional and environmental factors when considering an individuals health. 

Food is the foundation of our physical body and when the correct balance of foods, vitamins and minerals are supplied we remain healthy. Each person is unique in terms of metabolism, genetics, anatomy and biochemistry as well as the micro biome, and immune system responses. These factors affect our ability to process foods, detoxify and expel wastes and absorb nutrients. 

Jacinta also utilises functional pathology testing with NutriPATH. NutriPATH is one of the leading specialists in integrative pathology testing. Tests which can be conducted include MTHFR, Liver function tests, full blood counts, hormone testing, microbiome and GI MAP tests, allergy testing and much more. If you are interested in functional pathology testing, contact Jacinta to discuss further.  

Reasons people may seek nutritional support include:

- Weight management

- Autoimmune conditions

- Chronic, inflammatory conditions

- Desire to improve current health

- IBS symptoms

- Digestive disturbances

- Food sensitivities

~What Nutritionists Do~

~What is Nutritional Medicine?~

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