Don't worry men, we haven't forgotten about you. 

When it comes to fertility, most of the focus is on the women but they are only 50% of the fertility equation. Supporting and improving sperm health is one of the main focuses when it comes to male fertility treatments. The combination of acupuncture and nutritional medicine is used to support optimal health and fertility outcomes. 

Lifestyle guidance such as movement and managing stress are also included during fertility treatments. Getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, stress management etc are all important factors for health but more so when trying to conceive. 

"For the treatment of male infertility, acupuncture is reported to be equally effective as TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and more effective than Western medicine, and its effectiveness is enhanced when applied in combination with either TCM or Western medicine. Acupuncture is distinctively efficacious in improving sperm quality. Nevertheless, the overall quality of the included studies is low."


Healthy Sperm - Lifestyle Tips

Dietary patterns, foods and nutrients in male fertility parameters and fecundability

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